Tuesday 24th April 2013 – A Big Day for #Bitcoin and Bitcoin Coach

Bitcoin Accepted Here [by freeborn]

Bitcoin Accepted Here [by freeborn] (Photo credit: Adam Crowe)

I woke up yesterday morning and overnight I had automatically sold 5 Bitcoin (BTC) while I slept. I’d set a $149.999 “Sell” order at Mt.Gox , I started my day a few hundred US dollars richer.

I then had lunch with a trusted professional colleague and friend who has a passion for Economics (he paid too, thanks John!). John and friends of his think Bitcoin is fascinating, and maybe a gift for the Economic/Fiscal Liberalism ideology.

In my humble opinion we are bit short on new ideologies for our totally disrupted and rapidly developing new digital world. The last UK ideology belonged to Baroness Thatcher (RIP), its surely time that a new ideology has us all excited about a new future?

After lunch, I was back in front of the Mac. On Bloomberg was the President of PayPal, David Marcus, who, when asked by the interviewer about Bitcoin replied, “Bitcoin is truly fascinating”. 

Image representing PayPal as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Why is this big? Well he could have said Bitcoin is a MLM, Ponzi type scheme, but he didn’t! For me… that’s BIG, right there! Within minutes of that statement, Bitcoin rose to $165 per coin, or one hundred British Pounds, Big!

Tonight BBC Radio 4  is airing a “The Report” programme that is taking a look at #BitCoin.

For me, Radio 4 discussing Bitcoin is also big, I’ll be tuned in at 8.00pm GMT tonight.

Previous logo of BBC Radio 4 until 2007

Previous logo of BBC Radio 4 until 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The momentum is building.

Bitcoin Coach



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4 responses to “Tuesday 24th April 2013 – A Big Day for #Bitcoin and Bitcoin Coach

  1. First time with Bitcoins: I wanted to buy BTC at $80 but by the time the money arrived the price was $90, which I bought but then immediately sold, getting cold feet. That was 4 days ago and they’re now at $160. How annoying! You think they’ll drop back to $90/100 in the near future, that current prices are due a major correction?
    Best wishes for the blog and idea here: sounds good!

    • Hi Adam. It’s dangerous for anyone to predict Bitcoin valueS, certainly in the short term. For us at Bitcoin Coach it’s a long term play. I have spoken with Economists and other very bright tech people. They feel Bitcoin could reach values north of $100,000 per coin in the long term. Speculate only what you can afford too loose. I’m £2,500 invested, enough skin in the game to care. There are many challenges and hurdles ahead, the biggest being the end of speculation and people just using Bitcoin like any other currency, spending and receiving daily.

      I hope this helps. Congrats for buying some coin, you’re a world changer!

      Bitcoin Coach

  2. Marina

    Hello bitcoincoach! Just wanted to say thank you for this site. It is so wonderful to read positive news and deserved excitement over Bitcoin. Far too many speculators out there speaking rubbish over what this phenomenon isn’t, and they are embarrassing not only themselves, but mis-leading many. The world changes ever so slowly when anything new comes along and it’s just too boring listening to people who still believe in government controlled funds. What the hell is in their heads?? How many examples do they need before they finally wake up and see the fiasco that fiat currencies are in. I don’t need anyone called David, nor the BBC to tell me Bitcoin is fascinating and will change the face of global finances – I already know it. Intelligence and basic math is all one needs really.
    But thanks for your joy!!

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